Would you support legislation repealing SB 54, recognizing the right of political parties to determine the means by which they select and nominate candidates?

Yes. Absolutely.

Utah has long been applauded as the best-run state in the nation, but we still have plenty of problems. What are the top five changes you would make to state law?

Get rid of regulations that hamper business and cause unnecessary burdens on people.

Work on fixing the problems in education; such as parent choice, getting rid of common core, and letting the teachers educate the students instead of spending excess time teaching them how to take tests.

Fixing the problem of offering tax incentives to new companies moving in. Tax incentives should benefit all businesses, equally.

Get rid of civil asset forfeiture without a conviction.

Put the power to regulate back into the hands of legislators and get rid of boards and regulatory agencies. Agencies make rules and policies that have the power of laws, but the people making them are not elected.

What would you change about our state’s public education system? Would you support a voucher system? What support should the state provide to parents who homeschool their children, either in connection with COVID19 or otherwise?

Some of my answers are listed in the above question. I do support a voucher system. I do support some type of a financial support to homeschool parents (some oversight would be needed to show that the parents are actually using the funds to educate their children). Parents know what their child needs most and should be able to choose that for them. As a mother of 6 children; I know that each of my children has a different learning stye with different strengths and interests.

The federal government owns roughly 2/3 of the land in Utah. While essentially no one in Utah wants to disturb national parks, national recreation areas, wilderness areas designated by Congress, or military installations, most federal land in Utah doesn’t fit into any of those categories, and keeping all of that land under federal control inflicts great harm on our state’s economy, environment, tax base, affordable-housing market, and public education system. How much of Utah should the federal government own, and what changes to state and federal law would you support in this area?

They should only own the land that is provided to military installations or needed for Federal services. Our parks, recreation areas and wilderness areas would be better run by Utahns. Anything else that the Federal government thinks they own should be taxed by Utah. We pay property taxes; they should too.

What is the purpose of government?

That is stated perfectly by our party platform: We believe government properly exists by the consent of the governed and must be restrained from intruding into the freedoms of its citizens. The function of government is not to grant rights, but to protect the unalienable, God-given rights of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.

Setting aside specific constitutional prohibitions, what are five things that no government, state or federal, should ever do?

Government should not be unfair. It often favors one business over another. Even though I'm against any new taxes; if the government chooses to tax services, they should tax all of them equally and not just ones who don't have large lobbyist groups.

Government shouldn't be involved in healthcare/medical decisions.

Government shouldn't be involved in education decisions. Parents should choose.

Government shouldn't make laws that create more victimless crimes.

Government should never prevent someone from being able to defend themselves and their families.

Should any person in Utah be denied equal protection under the law, based solely on whether the person in question has been born?

No. Never.

My story: I was very sick with my first child. My doctor tried to talk me into an abortion and when I said no, he sent a mental health therapist to talk to me. It was still a no. I would rather have died with my child then kill her. Obviously I didn't die. She is a beautiful talented woman who has given me two beautiful grandchildren.

Please identify five ways in which governments pick “winners and losers” in the economy, indicating whether you support or oppose each approach.

Taxes on businesses. Some get incentives and some don't. They should be equal.

Zoning laws. Some businesses get variances. They should all follow the zoning laws.

Regulations. Regulations are burdensome for any business, but some more then others.

Education. Scholarships and grants should be merit based; not income based. I question whether they even should be given out from the government at all.

Allowing lobbyists to have undue influence.

Please explain why you are a Republican, what it means to be a conservative, and whether or to what extent the word “conservative” describes your approach to public policy.

I read the party platform and it is what I believe.

Conservative to me means that we are very frugal with the money that we are entrusted with. For example: I have been donated money to spend on my campaign. I'm only spending what is necessary and not on frivolous things just because I can. I don't like wasteful spending.

Conservative also means to stay out of people's business. We don't need to control everything a person does. Government should protect people's right to live; not tell them how to live.

Do you support President Trump’s re-election?